Uber reduces ETA in Berlin - Announces German expansion

Waiting time down to approx. 5 minutes in Berlin - Next stop: Munich!

Three weeks ago Uber, the popular smartphone application that allows users to request a luxury limousine at the click of a button, officially launched in Berlin and is now starting to service all districts in the German capital. With more and more drivers joining the Uber system, the median ETA ("Estimated Time of Arrival") for an Uber is down to 5 minutes. Also: Munich has been chosen as the second German city to be launched.

Strong growth within the first three weeks 

Only three weeks have passed since Uber celebrated its official launch in Berlin as the first German Uber city at Cookies Cream in Berlin Mitte. While demand was already high during our test phase, user numbers have exponentially grown since then. Also, as more and more drivers are joining Uber everyday, passengers’ waiting time has decreased. Right now, the median ETA (“Estimated time of arrival”) is approximately 5 minutes.

As more drivers join Uber, the diversity in the car fleet is also rapidly increasing: In addition to Mercedes S-Classes, more and more BMW 7 Series’, Audi A8s and VW Phaetons are joining the Uber network and roaming the streets of Berlin at any time of any day.

Another effect of Uber’s growing network is the inclusion of Berlin Tegel (TXL) in our regular service area. From now on, passengers to and from Tegel will be charged at the normal Uber rate, rather than the flat rate previously used. 

Events & Conferences 

In the last three weeks, Uber has also partnered with local events and conferences to ensure a stylish, safe and reliable ride for all participants, with great feedback from all sides. From the CEO Dinner last week to the MONGODB conference this week, Uber has partnered with over 20 small and big events since launch. Over the next weeks, Uber will be announcing more and more partnerships with big events and conferences to spread the #Uberlove to all Berliners.

Expansion in Germany – Next stop: Munich!

With Berlin’s success, Uber is spreading out to other parts of the country. We now have a team on the ground in Munich to prepare for our launch there.

Interested in joining the Uber team? Positions are still available and can be viewed on https://www.uber.com/jobs, together with other European positions to support Uber expansion across the continent.

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For questions, interviews or supporting material, please contact Daniel Michalczyk (daniel@uber.com), General Manager Uber Berlin.


Über Uber Berlin

Uber ist eine kostenlose Smartphone Applikation die es erlaubt innerhalb von Minuten eine Luxuslimousine inklusive Fahrer anzufordern. Der User muss dafür lediglich die Applikation herunterladen und sich registrieren. Wir verändern die Art und Weise wie Menschen in Städten reisen. Uber ist in über 25 Städten weltweit aktiv und seit Februar auch in Berlin auf den Strassen.

Uber is a free Smartphone Application that allows users to request a luxury limousine with the click of a button. Uber is active in over 25 cities worldwide and the launch in Berlin in February marks the fifth city in Europe after London, Paris, Amsterdam and Stockholm. Uber's mission is to change the way people travel in cities. Users simply need to download the app and register and they are ready to ride.